The prices exclude any delivery/handling charges which may be applicable at the time of purchase.

Plan price includes One gas refill per 12 month period.

Limit of one type of gas and two gas cylinders per customer.

All prices include G.S.T.

PRODUCT                                                   VOLUME                PLAN PRICE                                  ADDITIONAL GAS REFILL PRICE

                                                                                                             (per 12 month period)    


020D2 OXYGEN                                      2.0m3                       $79.00                                                $70.40

040D ACETYLENE                                 1.0m3                       $108.00                                             $98.20

060D2 ARGOSHIELD (light)             2.1m3                       $108.00                                             $98.20

061D2 ARGON                                         2.0m3                       $165.00                                            $158.40

065D2 ARGOSHIELD (univ)             2.2m3                        $108.00                                            $98.20

032D2 NITROGEN                                1.8m3                         $79.00                                               $70.40