Plasma Cutting Without an External Air Compressor

Traditionally, plasma cutters have been designed as a small, mobile and easy to transport machine with one problem. They also require an external source of air such as an air compressor or a cylinder of compressed air. having to also carry and use an external air supply can make using a plasma cutter unwieldy and inconvenient, particularly on site where you want to be as mobile as possible.

plasma cutting

Fortunately, Lincoln has come up with a solution to the problem. Introducing the Lincoln Invertec PC range.

The Invertec PC210 makes short work of your plasma cutting requirements using ordinary 240V power – simply take the torch and cut in seconds.The Invertec® PC210 inverter machine is equipped with an integrated air compressor, combined with the ability to take in external air for even greater plasma cutting power and higher travel speeds. Using the internal compressor, it can efficiently and effectivelty cut up to 8mm steel. With an additional external air supply, it can cut up to 10mm steel.

The Invertec PC210 is built tough to ensure reliability throughout its lifetime. The compressor incorporates two air filters and a moisture filter to clean the incoming air. The most flexible plasma cutting machines you could envisage, the units arrive ready to go, able to cut fast and precisely.

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