Cigweld Transarc 170i Plant

$1,540.00 $1,100.00



When you are looking for a safe, power efficient and high performance machine you can’t go past the Transarc 170i.

With operator protection being paramount the Transarc 170i is packed full of safety features including VRD that conforms to AS 1674.2, Fail to Safe and an insulated plastic housing that is IP23S rated.

Your welding efficiency will also be enhanced as these units have exceptional arc start and run performance and include TIG shielding gas control that eliminates wasted gas between welds. The 170i also has an optional TIG torch with remote control function that allows you to adjust your weld current setting from the torch while welding.

With all these benefits crammed into such a small unit, it’s no wonder the Transarc 170i is loved by contractors out on site doing repair and maintenance, light fabrication and stainless work.


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