Lincoln Idealarc CV-510/LF-33


High Output

Heavy duty machines for heavy duty applications! 

The Idealarc® CV-510 is an industrial power sources for heavy-duty applications. Designed to operate in heavy environmental conditions. These can be shipyards or offshore yards outside. The machine meet IP23 allowing operation in any adverse conditions.

Built for reliability, all the sensitive components are enclosed in a compartment free from dust and separated from the airflow needed to cool the machine. There is only one PCB completely encapsulated for maximum protection. We rated the machines 60% at 420 and 500 Amps and, as with all Lincoln machines, NEMA tested at an outside temperature of 40 °C. Such a rating will allow you to weld solid and cored wires at 100% for large diameter solid and cored wires with the CV-510.

The recommended wire feeder is the LF33. The extensive set of features of the LF33 includes 4 roll drive system, 2/4-step, burnback, run-in, wire inch and gas purge. Two clear digital meters display the welding Voltage and Amperage. Like all Lincoln machines the Idealarc® CV-505 is designed with the application in mind.


Advantage Lincoln

► Potted and encapsuled printed circuit board controls in separate dust free compartments
► Different feeders for construction and shipyards, all with meters, with or without synergy or memory ; just select
the one to meet the application.
► Superb arc behaviour with argon mix and 100% CO2.
► Electronic feedback system on the wire drive will guarantee consistent wire feed speed.
► Equipped with large diameter wheels push/pull bar and lifting eyes for full manoeuvrability.
► Completed with an extensive set of features.
► THREE year warranty for parts and labour.

Why choose an Idealarc® CV-505?

The Idealarc® CV-505 is an industrial power source for heavy-duty applications. Designed to operate in
adverse environments, meeting IP23 allowing operation in both indoor and outdoor applications. This  machine is
NEMA rated at 60% duty cycle at their maximum output. This output will allow you to weld solid and cored wires at
100% duty.
Built for Reliability. The European Idealarc® CV-505 use the Lincoln tunnel design where all sensitive
components are enclosed in a separate compartment free from the airflow needed to cool the machine keeping
them free from dust. There is only one PCB which is completely encapsulated for maximum protection.
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