Powercraft 160 welder

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Built for the job

The POWERCRAFT® 160 inverter is intended to be used for light to medium duty welding applications. It is an ideal choice for maintenance, small repairs & general fabrication. The POWERCRAFT® 160 inverter is designed to be used with 6011, 6013 & 7018 type electrodes up to 4.0mm diameter. It is very compact, lightweight and comes with a shoulder strap for ease of transportation. Accessories are included, so the machine is ready to weld out of the box.

  • Small and light weight yet powerful
  • Built-in VRD – Increases operator safety in environments with increased hazard of electric shock
  • Generator Compatible – Ideal for site work
  • Intelligent protection – Over voltage, low voltage and over current
  • Lift TIG – For arc starting without tungsten contamination
  • Auto arc force – For a stable arc with low spatter levels as standard
  • Built in ‘Hot Start’ – For excellent arc stricking
  • Anti-Sticking – Enhances welding characteristics
  • Meets Australian & International Standards – AS60974.1 and IEC60974-1
  • Thermally Protected – For longer life
  • IGBT Technology – For high reliability
  • Easy to set Output Control – Calibrated dials
  • Ready to Weld accessories – Accessories / Power cord included


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