Ensitech Tig Brush TBX-440

TBX-440 STD KITIntroducing the Ensitech TIG Brush stainless steel weld cleaning system.

In the past, cleaning welded metal was done with highly toxic chemicals that are hazardous to the user and the environment.

The W.A. Government requires both seller and end user to be licensed to buy, sell and use pickling paste (Hydrofluoric acid) as well as imposing strict handling, storage requirements and annual licensing fees under the Western Australian poisons act of 1964.

Now there is a better, simpler and safer way to clean steel after welding.

The Tig Brush is a metal cleaner & polisher. It uses the action of an electric current along with a fluid to remove heat marks and other surface imperfections from metal surfaces. It is specifically designed to remove heat tint and contaminants caused by TIG welding of stainless steel and also remove surface impurities from aluminium and brass.

We are now stockists of this marvellous product. Visit our showroom or call/e-mail us to arrange a demonstration.



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