Josco Calico Polishing Buff


Material: Loose Leaf Calico
Suits: 150 & 200mm  Bench Grinders
Maximum RPM: 2,850

Part number:

MLL1601 150 x 18mm $29.70

MLL1801 200 x 18mm $42.90



The Josco Loose Leaf Calico Buff is excellent for achieving a high quality gloss finish when polishing.

Instructions for use:

Different metals have varying characteristics, and to achiece the best possible results, it is essential that the correct compound and polishing buff are selected for the job.
1. Select the correct buff and compound for your job. The Josco Loose Leaf Calico Buff is best suited for high gloss polishing using either SS, SSX or Multishine Compounds. For best results, never use different compounds on any one buff. Keep a seperate buff for each compound.

2. Dress the buff with compound across the face of the rotating wheel for a few seconds. Take care not to apply too much compound as this will overload the buff. It is better to apply a little compound more frequently than to overdress the buff.

3. Bring the work piece into contact with the buff and with light pressure move back and forth across the job.

4. After polishing remove any residue with hot water and household detergent.