ESAB Caddy 2200i AC/DC




Compact and portable inverter for AC/DC TIG welding, with HF or LiftArc start, and MMA.

Designed for high-quality TIG-welding, in both DC and AC mode, this TIG welding machine will give an excellent arc strike and consistent, stable arc. All types of material and thickness up to 5 mm can be welded with the highest quality.

One of the most important tasks of an AC TIG machine is to provide a stable arc. The Tig 2200i has the QWave™ function which optimises the AC waveform to give a smooth arc and at the same time the lowest possible noise without compromising the welding result. This machine also has True AC rating where the set current is always equal to the true current.

  • Designed for quality TIG-welding in all types of material.
  • Easy to use – all welding parameters presented in an easy to understand layout.
  • QWave™- enables AC welding with high arc stability and low noise.
  • AC frequency and balance control – optimises weld pool.
  • Electrode preheating – excellent start an extended electrode lifetime
  • ESAB 2-program function – possibility to preprogram and change program during actual welding.
  • DC Pulsed TIG welding – easy control of heat input and the weld pool.
  • DC Micro Pulse – minimize heat affected zone especially on thin sheets
  • True MMA welding characteristics in AC and DC mode – Hot start, Arc force, and polarity switch (DC)