ESAB Renegade ES300i





Welders are always on the go, so their machines need to be too. They need to go fast and far. They need a machine that can keep up.
That machine is the Renegade. The most portable machine with the highest power-to-weight ratio that’s always ready for the next move.

Renegade runs Stick and TIG and has the widest input power range on the market, making it capable of handling both single-and three-phase, and puts out 5-300 amps @ 40% duty cycle.
To top it off, Renegade has a superior working range of up to 100m with minimum power loss.

  • Extreme power to weight ratio in a most compact format
  • Rugged composite casing for durability in the roughest environments
  • For professional MMA welding with electrodes up to 6mm with a high duty cycle of 300amps at 40%
  • Ideal for operation in high ambient temperatures
  • The machine automatically provides operators with the optimal start and stop parameters based on the set welding current
  • A booster circuit provides additional voltage for superior cellulosic arc starts and welding performance
  • 3 memory settings for easy and quick access to welding parameters