Lincoln Invertec 170S


Built For the Job!

The NEW Invertec® 170S from Lincoln Electric® is built with the job in mind.

Across the range, its design has focused on providing excellent welding and arc starting in a robust and reliable package.

Rugged and robust and portable the Invertec® 170S is lightweight and easy to handle in any situation.



The Lincoln Advantage

►Ready-To-Weld™ Packages- Includes welding leads, shield hammer/brush and carry case.

►Robust design- Unique rubber corners, metal housing and push control buttons to withstand tough environmental conditions.

►Premium arc- Advanced Lincoln technology and Lincoln know-how guarantees to make these machines weld to optimum performance every time.

►Built in VRD- Invertec® 150S and 170S , for additional operator saftey

►Soft and Crisp mode- Selectable arc modes for different electrode types

Auto Adaptive Arc Force- For a stable arc with low spatter levels as standard on the 150 and 170S.

►Built in “Hot Start”- For excellent arc striking, standard on the 150 and 170S.

Long cables- Primary power extension cables up to 60M can be used with the 150 and 170S.

►Lift TIG- with excellent striking without tungsten contamination.

►Generator ready- The 150 and 170S are ready to go for use with generators.

Portable– lightweight, small and robust.