Klingspor Abrasive Mop Wheel

Klingspor KM613 Small abrasive mop wheels all with 6mm diameter shaft and available in 40, 60, 80 & 120 grit.

  • 30 x 15mm $8.00 each
  • 40 x 15mm $8.00 each
  • 50 x 20mm $8.00 each
  • 60 x 30mm $8.00 each
  • 60 x 40mm $8.00 each
  • 80 x 30mm $10.00 each


Developed over 40 years ago by Klingspor, the abrasive mop wheel comprises of high quality grinding flaps coated with Aluminium Oxide.

The fan shaped radial arrangement is anchored by a resin core. The structure provides for a soft & comfortable grinding behaviour and adapts to the contours of the work piece.

Klingspor has an abrasive mop wheel to suit nearly every surface and suits a wide range of machines including Drills, Angle grinders, Die Grinders and bench grinders.