Lincoln Viking 3350 series Auto-darkening Helmet


“Mojo” pictured.

Also available; “motorhead”



The Viking 3350 series offers the largest viewing area in it’s class, 4 sensors, replaceable battery with solar assist, dual variable shade section 6 to 9 (for plasma cutting) and 9 to 13, variable sensitivity and delay, magnifying lens compatible, 2 year warranty and a DIN rating of 1/2/1/1.

Electronic (auto-darkening) helmets have been around for many years. They are now established as an invaluable addition to a welder’s kit. Offering both safety and productivity benefits to the operator and his employer.

  • 95 x 85mm viewing area.
  • Variable shade range 9 – 13
  • Magnifier lens compatible
  • Hard hat adaptor available
  • 602 grams total weight
  • Solar cell and replaceable battery power
  • Adjustable delay control
  • DIN rating 1/2/1/1

Two year warranty

compliant with ANSI Z87.1-2010 and CSA Z94.2 standards.