MagMate MMA 160 Invertor Welder


The MagMate MMA 160 Welding Machine is ideal for a wide range of welding applications. With this welder, light industrial, quick and easy repair work, and DIY projects are made easy. This lightweight and portable inverter-based MMA welding machine is fitted with a 15A plug.



The MagMate MMA welding package is a practical and affordable investment that includes:
1× MMA 160 power source
1× Electrode holder with cable (dinse connector)
1× Work clamp with cable (dinse connector)
1× Primary cable with plug
1× Operating manual
1x 15 amp plug

  • Power voltage: Single phase AC 230V ± 15%
  • Duty cycle 20 @ 120A
  • Frequency (Hz): 50 / 60
  • Amperage: 20-130
  • Output current adjustment (A): 15-140
  • Output voltage (V): 20.6-25.6