Josco Metal Polishing Kits


Part number: MGWKIT

Price: $49.50

Barcode: 9314028350049
Max RPM: 3,000


Part number: JMPKIT (Jumbo kit)

Price: $70.00

Barcode: 9314028350179
Max RPM: 3,000


The Josco Metal Polishing Kit is a comprehensive kit that is suitable for polishing aluminium, brass, steel, stainless steel, copper, and most other metal surfaces. It is particularly ideal for polishing mag wheels, as the small buffs allow you to get into those hard to reach areas. They are also great for polishing golf clubs and motorbike parts.

The kit contains 50mm Loose Leaf Calico and Sisal Buffs, 1 piece of Fastcut Compound (Grey), 1 piece of SS Compound (white), and a 6mm arbor.

The Jumbo kit contains: 1 x 50mm Sisal Buff, 1 x 50mm Loose Leaf Calico Buff, 1 x 100mm Sisal Buff, 1 x 100mm Loose Leaf Calico Buff, 1 x Fastcut Compound, 1 x SS Compound, 1 x Arbor

The Loose Leaf Calico Buff will deliver the best results when paired with the white SS Compound. It is great for achieving a high quality finish on aluminium alloys. The Sisal Buff is to be paired with the grey Fastcut Compound. It is best to use the Sisal Buff and Fastcut Compound first on your surface to cut back any light scratch marks, and then finish with the Loose Leaf Calico Buff. The Sisal Buff and Fastcut Compound combination works best on copper, brass and stainless steel.