Pferd Ultra Thin Cut Off Wheel



PFERD thin cut-off wheels have a reputation for quality and long wheel life, and now these wheels just got better. More cuts, means you and your business will save even more time and money. The results speak for themselves.

The PFERD ultra-thin wheels offer “Xtreme cutting performance”. This wheel sets the benchmark in the Australian market for performance. Perfect for cutting INOX stainless steel and mild steel. If you thought there is little difference between cut-off wheels and brands then think again. You may be using a cut-off wheel that’s cheap to buy, only to find it’s inferior and costing you more when compared to PFERD.

Workers need products they can rely on. The PFERD 1mm cut-off wheels last longer, meaning fewer wheel changes and less downtime. Get more cuts, reduced burr and less material wastage with a quality wheel that will save you time and money.

Abrasive: Aluminium oxide A Manufactured without the addition of ferrous, chlorinated and sulphurous fillers. High-performance tool of hardness R (INOX) with high cutting performance and very long tool life for reduced heat build-up during cutting.