Primalloy 312



Recommended Applications:

  • Crack resistant welds in many difficult applications for eg: Armour plate, Mn steels, high Ce steels, tool steels, gear teeth
  • ┬áCan be used for dissimiliar steel grades for eg: C-Mn steel to Stainles
  • Key product for Repair & maintenance industries

Primalloy formulations based on decades of R&D, combined with state of the art manufacturing facilities ensure our Primalloy electrodes offer leading edge welding performance from each and every lot.

These four mainstream Primalloy electrodes, 308L, 316L, 309LMo and 312 will cater for the majority of mid market stainless steel fabricators needs.

Welders can expect to see…

  • Very smooth arc performance
  • Minimal spatter
  • Easy slag release
  • Mirror like bead appearance
  • All positional weld performance (except Vd)

The Primalloy range comes in a new smart PE tube design – the black tube pack is colour coded, resealable, recyclable and stackable.

Four tubes are placed in each outer carton.

Naturally Primalloy electrodes are backed by Lincoln’s famous technical support & service.

Conformance certificates, MSDS, data sheets and application advice are all available from our Customer Service and Sales teams.