Servore Autolift plain colour


The new Auto-Lift welding helmet from Servore raises the bar for welding safety and convenience and because there is no need to use or carry additional eye and face protection the Autolift makes welding, chipping and grinding easier,quicker and safer.

Available in Black, Blue and Red.




Auto On / Auto Off ‘Wear and Weld’ Technology
Servore’s auto on / auto off technology means that there is no need to remember to switch the helmet on, just ‘wear and weld’. Safe, convenient and easy to use the X-View cartridge in the Auto Lift uses power from both replaceable batteries and special solar cells to react immediately to an arc without you remembering to switch the helmet on. Batteries typically last for years and are easily replaced when necessary. The complete system is tried, tested and proven under the most challenging of conditions and backed by the Servore Standards Guarantee.

Patented Inner Sense Detection Technology
Patented Inner Sense auto sensing system technology reliably detects the arc even at very low power and under difficult conditions. Using a unique combination of optical and electronic sensors and proprietary algorithms Servore engineers have eliminated the need for additional sensors that are often required by less sophisticated systems while achieving even greater control even at low amps or with low signal processes such as TIG.

Full Time Protection
The higher quality full time radiation filters used in all Servore auto darkening filters protect you from harmful radiation. Simply put, they provide better protection than less expensive and inferior filters. Regardless of your choice of Servore product, you can trust Servore not to compromise on safety.

Now you can reliably ‘tune out’ interference from other welders or specific lighting sources that might otherwise impact on your ability to work comfortably. Simple, convenient and reliable, Servore’s sensitivity control allows you to adapt to the local work environment making welding more comfortable and convenient.

Delay control
Internally programmed and user switchable delay control slows the screen when clearing from the dark to the light state. Ideal when tack welding or working on processes that hold high residual heat and light in the weld.

Shade control
Just dial in the shade you need for accurate and easy adjustment from shades 9 to 13. Shade numbers are clearly marked making selection of the right shade number quick and convenient.