Josco Sisal Cutting Buff


Suits: 150 & 200mm Bench Grinders
Material: Stitched Sisal
Max RPM: 2,850

Part number: MSZ161 150 x 13mm $20.90

Part number: MSZ181 200 x 13mm $23.20


Josco Sisal Buff’s are ideal for preparing surfaces to be polished. They have excellent cutting power when combined with a Fastcut Compound. The combination of these two products is powerful enough to remove 240 grit belt marks from steel prior to plating. It can also be very useful in removing heat scale and scratches on stainless steel, plus cutting back on brass and copper.


Sisal Buff’s are manufactured from alternate layers of heavy calico and sisal cloth. They are tightly stitched together to create the desired thickness. Josco’s range of Sisal Buffs are available in either 50 or 100 Fold, and in widths of 150mm and 200mm.