Steel Blue – Torquay Spin-Fx Safety boots


Part Number: 327530

Sizes available: 4 – 14 (6.5 – 12.5 half sizes)

Colour: Black



Introducing the NEW Torquay Spin-FX™. A 150mm Ankle Boot crafted from Water Resistant waxy Cowhide Leather, the Torquay Spin-FX™ is powered with the unique Boa Closure System. Made up of 49 strands of stainless steel braided together, injected and wrapped with nylon, the Boa System is incredibly tough and durable.

Available in black and sealed with a Nitrile Outsole that can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C, the Torquay Spin-FX™ is finished with a Mako Toe Guard and heel counter to provide extra protection. 


Composite Toe cap.

Composite safety toecaps are entirely non-metallic. In fact, lightweight safety shoes with our composite toecap are virtually free of metal components. So you can move through security environments without any hassle. This pioneering toecap technology in our composite toe boots is also: 40% lighter than steel toecaps, can be x-rayed, will not rust and will not transmit electricity. Virtually metalfree, our work safety shoes with a composite toecap will leave metal detectors speechless.

Nitrile Outsole.

With its specially designed Static Dissipative properties, the chemical resistant Nitrile Outsole helps to reduce the build-up of excess static electricity, offering a level of protection against the ignition of flammable materials. Even more, Nitrile is oil and acid resistant so is perfect around workshops. For workers on very hot surfaces, the Nitrile Outsole is also heat resistant to 300°C. So at these high-temperatures, there’s a 60 second threshold before the chemical resistant Nitrile sole reaches melting point.

Anti Static.

These boots are designed to dissipate the amount of static electricity build-up on your body (they actually conduct static electricity through the soles and into the ground). If you work with flammable materials, ignitable gases and other ignition hazards, or you work with sensitive electronics equipment, Anti-Static boots are recommended. In addition, any work-environment that creates static electricity build-up (and ‘zaps’ you when you touch doors and machinery) can benefit with these boots.

Water Resistant.

The soling material of all Steel Blue Boots is actually waterproof. It is the upper materials and the stitching process that determines the level of water resistance. Most styles feature the highest quality premium water resistant leather. This is complemented by the highest possible manufacturing standards, which are applied during the stitching process. With our boots also featuring extra resilient stitching, Steel Blue boots offer unsurpassed performance in wet and muddy work environments.