Trade Flame Oxypower Blow Torch Kit


Trade flame 211412 Oxypower Blow Torch Kit.

  • torch handle with adjustable oxygen and fuel valves
  • 2 metre twin hose
  • Regulators and Flashbacks
  • Metal carry case and cylinder bracket
  • Two lance tips – 40 & 70 litres per hour
  • Welding goggles and ignition striker


This complete kit is designed to work with Disposable MAP/Fuel and Oxygen cylinders.

There are many blow torches available that run only from a fuel gas such as MAP, LPG or Acetylene. None of them can deliver

the high temperatures required to weld or cut mild steel which can be achieved by adding pure Oxygen to the welding flame and there

fore increase the flame temperature many times over, up to 3,000 degree’s.

This kit is small, light and highly portable and suited to small projects or locations you could not access with a full sized Oxygen/Acetylene kit.