Oxygen/Acetylene Twin Hose Reel


This spring rewind hose reel is designed to increase ergonomics and safety when using oxygen and acetylene for cutting or welding. It is supplied with high quality dual hose and the tough composite case protects the hose from ultraviolet radiation. The unique external swivel design provides added safety and ease of O-ring and seal replacement. It is not intended for use with any other gases or liquids.


  • ID (mm): 6
  • Length (m): 15
  • Pressure (PSI): 300
  • Rewind Type: spring



  • Series: Gen III
  • Inlet Fitting: 5/8
  • Outlet Fitting: 5/8
  • Weight (kg): 12
  • Max Temp (degrees Celcius): 80
  • Finish: composite
  • Swivel Material: Brass
  • Seal Material: NBR
  • Includes Hose?: Yes