Steel Blue Torquay Spin FX boots now in stock

A new innovation from Steel blue, the Torquay Spin FX boots are the ultimate in foot safety.

The new and innovative Boa closure system replaces the traditional tie up laces.
The ratchet mechanism tightens precisely and evenly across your foot for maximum comfort and the stainless steel braided cable will never break unlike traditional laces.

Composite toe cap is metal free so you’ll be able to stroll right thru the airport metal detectors as well as being non conductive, lighter and will never rust.

Nitrile outsole give the boot excellent resistance to chemical, heat and static electricity.
It even offers a level of protection against the ignition of flammable materials.
300 degree heat resistance is ideal for those in the welding or foundry industries.

Time to walk into out showroom and check out these boots!

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